Our Mission

Our global mission is to alleviate poverty and foster sustainable development by empowering Women and Girls, using a holistic approach.

Our Vision

We envision a just world where every woman and girl experiences true freedom and are holistically empowered to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Organisational Values

Passion: Passion drives our work in Breakforth, hence, the reason why we are passionate in everything we do, especially about the people we work with and  for. We passionately find and develop creative and imaginative ways to tackle issues of poverty and injustice.

Integrity: Our accountability to our partners, volunteers, clients and the general public is top most in our general function. We model the behavior we desire to see in others in our decision making process and in the actions we take.

Equality: We listen to the women and girls we serve without judging and encourage without criticism. We have zero tolerance for prejudice. We are an organisation committed to promoting diversity and equality on all levels of operation.

Excellence: Breakforth values the act of excellence and believes that the people we serve deserve the best; this is why we strive to work with excellence in our daily operations while at the same time committed to continuous learning. Excellence is demonstrated in accounting for the use of our resources. Focus and perseverance guides our pursuit for excellence.

Respect: Breakforth is committed to making sure all parties we associate with, both in our in-house and external work are treated with respect and dignity.

Partnership: Because we at Breakforth recognises the importance of healthy relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships, we embrace and encourage co-operation both internally and externally. We are committed to fostering relationship with existing partners, while welcoming collaboration with new partners, helping to better achieve our goals and objectives

Empowerment: Empowerment is at the center of Breakforth’s work. We seek to empower those we work with and for by strengthening their capacities. We do this using interventive empowerment programmes which encourages, inspires, develops skills and gives access to resources for self-sufficiency. We believe in an holistic approach to  sustainable  empowerment.

Leadership Team

Adeline OgunnowoExecutive Director

Busola ShogbamimuCountry Coordinator, Ireland

Ways you can work with us

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